Apertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani

The Virtual Tours of Vatican Museums and the Reliefs of Archimede Art

2017 began with a wave of technological renovation and sharing for the Vatican Museums, just as the current pope he announced ( “The Pope’s Museums are open to all”): after last December the reopening of the New Wing – the findings of which was also attended by Archimede – was completed the redesign of the official web portal that gives users the new emotions thanks to the virtual tours of the rooms.

Immagini inaugurazione Braccio Nuovo

The Reopening of Braccio Nuovo (New Wing)

This Christmas holidays will be particularly exciting for those who love art and the treasures of the past.

In particular, the vast art collection inside the Vatican Museums never ceases to amaze and fascinate the public, continuing to make available some of its treasures that are certainly an artistic heritage of humanity.

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