Apertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani

The Virtual Tours of Vatican Museums and the Reliefs of Archimede Art

2017 began with a wave of technological renovation and sharing for the Vatican Museums, just as the current pope he announced ( “The Pope’s Museums are open to all”): after last December the reopening of the New Wing – the findings of which was also attended by Archimede – was completed the redesign of the official web portal that gives users the new emotions thanks to the virtual tours of the rooms.

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The new version of www.museivaticani.va allows a full consultation of the main collections in the form of cards, photos and virtual tours: the portal has been enhanced from the point of view of technological use and searchable content, and has also been introduced to consultation the cataloging of assets to get an idea even more precise of the heritage content.

The division of Archimede Art is proud to have participated to the volumetric, artistic and architectural reliefs of different areas of the great papal museum complex (the Raphael Rooms, the Pio Clementino Museum, the Gregorian Etruscan Museum, the Chiaramonti Museum, the Braccio Nuovo …) contributing with its work to the collection of infinitesimally small virtual data used for virtual reconstructions at the base of the wonderful 360-degree video that can be admired by everyone through the portal that amplifies the desire to visit this wonder heritage.

The new Vatican Museums website

The website has been totally redesigned, it contains 13,000 pages and contents in 5 languages, more than 3,000 images of historical and cultural heritage: the new portal was created by both the office staff of the site Multimedia, by the Secretariat for Communication and the Governor for the State of Vatican City State.
The Home Page welcomes us with the introduction of the new Director Barbara Jatta illustrating the collection of artistic treasures contained between the Vatican walls.

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The new website of the Vatican Museums: preserving and sharing knowledge

To allow the public to enjoy fully of the priceless heritage Vatican, the Direction has ordered the opening of the new official Youtube channel which already contains about sixty video collected intuitive playlist – news, Museums and Collections, Archaeological Areas, Gardens etc. – through which you can immerse yourself in the comfort of home art marvels contained in the Vatican Museums.

Immagini inaugurazione Braccio Nuovo

The Reopening of Braccio Nuovo (New Wing)

This Christmas holidays will be particularly exciting for those who love art and the treasures of the past.

In particular, the vast art collection inside the Vatican Museums never ceases to amaze and fascinate the public, continuing to make available some of its treasures that are certainly an artistic heritage of humanity.

The December 19, 2016 the Vatican Museums, from their conference room, made official to the press the reopening of the New Wing (Braccio Nuovo, in Chiaromonti Museum path) scheduled for Thursday, 22, one of the most advanced areas of the period from the artistic point of view.

The complex was edified by Pope Pio VII and it preservs marble, gypsum and statues by the unique splendor and charming.

Riapertura Musei Vaticani

Foto © Musei Vaticani

Director Antonio Paolucci, Giandomenico Spinola and Micol Forti were at the presentation, and it was possible for journalists to participate to a guided tour of the frescoes and statues now made accessible again.

Apertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani

Foto © Musei Vaticani

The New Wing saw the contribution to the realization of Raffaele Stern – the architect of the Sacri Palazzi Apostolici- and Antonio Canova – sculptor who made possible the recovery of artworks stolen by Napoleon , which determined the iconographic and architectural decisions for the wonderful neoclassical complex.

Presentazione Riapertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani

Foto © Musei Vaticani

Archimede – for many years engaged in the volumetric activities of architectural and artistic reliefs at the museums of the Vatican City – has had the honor of being one of the companies taking part in the restoration works of the New Wing, whose restoration activities started in 2009, and their fruits will be made accessible to the public from 22 December: for the Umbrian company is an enormous satisfaction to have worked side by side with the technical services in the Vatican for make accessible again a similar artistic heritage of humanity.

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