The Reopening of Braccio Nuovo (New Wing)

Immagini inaugurazione Braccio Nuovo

This Christmas holidays will be particularly exciting for those who love art and the treasures of the past.

In particular, the vast art collection inside the Vatican Museums never ceases to amaze and fascinate the public, continuing to make available some of its treasures that are certainly an artistic heritage of humanity.

The December 19, 2016 the Vatican Museums, from their conference room, made official to the press the reopening of the New Wing (Braccio Nuovo, in Chiaromonti Museum path) scheduled for Thursday, 22, one of the most advanced areas of the period from the artistic point of view.

The complex was edified by Pope Pio VII and it preservs marble, gypsum and statues by the unique splendor and charming.

Riapertura Musei Vaticani
Foto © Musei Vaticani

Director Antonio Paolucci, Giandomenico Spinola and Micol Forti were at the presentation, and it was possible for journalists to participate to a guided tour of the frescoes and statues now made accessible again.

Apertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani
Foto © Musei Vaticani

The New Wing saw the contribution to the realization of Raffaele Stern – the architect of the Sacri Palazzi Apostolici- and Antonio Canova – sculptor who made possible the recovery of artworks stolen by Napoleon , which determined the iconographic and architectural decisions for the wonderful neoclassical complex.

Presentazione Riapertura Braccio Nuovo Musei Vaticani
Foto © Musei Vaticani

Archimede – for many years engaged in the volumetric activities of architectural and artistic reliefs at the museums of the Vatican City – has had the honor of being one of the companies taking part in the restoration works of the New Wing, whose restoration activities started in 2009, and their fruits will be made accessible to the public from 22 December: for the Umbrian company is an enormous satisfaction to have worked side by side with the technical services in the Vatican for make accessible again a similar artistic heritage of humanity.

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