Rilievi d'arte 3D - AION

AION: Keeping art is a major issue for us

AION - RIlievi-arte-3D

Rilievi d'arte 3D - AION
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

AION is a series of activities that provide information and digital patterns through sophisticated-metric and photogrammetric surveys of architectural and monumental heritage: the result is a very accurate set of three-dimensional data structures of geometrical spaces and urban monuments.

2D and 3D reliefs allow a mapping with geolocation of structures and a vector development that can store and manage a huge amount of information to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional representations of archaeological, architectural and artistic heritage.

AION allows you to digitally store the artistic goods and artworks surveyed, safe from any damage and natural threats, generating – through a sophisticated phase of sub-millimeter reliefs – a complete archiving of features of places and cultural heritage that might be lost.

The surveys – repeated in different time over the years – allow an efficient objective monitoring of structural changes caused by deterioration phenomena, and they are useful for insurance purposes and for the protection of the artistic heritage; from reliefs obtained by the AION project you can get the information needs to perform – in case of damages – an efficient and complete restoration of architectural and monumental heritage that might otherwise be lost.

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AION: an innovative system for the protection and enhancement of artistic heritage

The system that turns the artistic and cultural heritage into digitally archives


Rilievi artistici 3D - AION
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

Monuments, frescoed halls, statues, architectural structures and places of artistic value can particularly suffer damage caused by adverse weather events, natural disasters, phenomena that might make these goods inaccessible to visitors and that might deny the opportunity to appreciate artworks realized by artists over the centuries.

Traditional technologies only allow for cataloging and archiving images of removable goods and (only in part) of real estate.

AION – thanks to sophisticated detection and digitization techniques studied and applied for years by Archimede S.r.l. in the ongoing relief of the Vatican Museums – allows you to digitally preserve the cultural heritage of a country and of any organization in the world, generating highly faithful and thorough reproductions (vector development, photo, 2D and 3D) of every feature.

Laser Scanner Reliefs

The reflected-light scanner technologies of complex or large size structures enable to acquire the coordinates of buildings, with submillimetre step and – in combination with special, professional cameras – returns a dense colored-points cloud with an high degree of detail and precision.

The elaboration of individual scans can also produce: three-dimensional models, vector developments (maps, prospectus and sections), color orthophotos, floor plans of the cracking and material patterns, etc.

Proximity-photogrammetry Drones

Modern photogrammetry is a technique that helps to determine shape, color and placement of vast areas, starting from at least two separate frames (Image Based Modeling).
Drones and miniaturized sensors has made possible to lift up cameras, temperature or multispectral sensors, able to perform high-precision data that can be used in the relief of artistic works of considerable size.

Topographic measurement

Total Station Equipment, GPS and levels play an important and highly qualified role also for geodetic and industrial monitoring: they are required to complete the relief needs by AION project.

3D Image-Based Modeling reliefs

The evolution of Image-Based Modeling techniques, of the elaboration of calculation methods and of the cameras allow you to digitally recreate – in 3D and in high definition – even very complex objects.

The three-dimensional rasterisations obtained by this system are textures metrically-thorough and faithfully matching to the original surface.

Postprocessing of data allows you to produce the following file: orthophotos, photoplane, floor plans, sections, as well as very thorough web-models and 3D-printing models.

Rilievi laserscan di opere d'arte - AION
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

High-resolution photografic shootings and 36’° immersive photos

Through the use of motorized panoramic heads, professional cameras and dedicated photografic opticals, you can obtain gigapixels of frescoed walls, canvases or specific portions details.

The same technology allows to produce 360 ° pictures useful for the realization of virtual travels, as well as for the improvement of traditional reliefs.

Structured-light reliefs

For particularly valuable areas or for special reliefs for the purpose, of thorough artistic restaurations, we employ a structured-light system that issues patterns directly on the surface of the object: the issued image
is deformed by affecting the object, allowing vision systems to calculate the depth of the affected objects and obtain other information about the area.

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