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Business Unit per la gestione dei musei - Archimede Arte
Business Unit per la gestione dei musei - Archimede Arte
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

Archimede S.r.l. – thanks to an over twenty years experience in public and private organizations and to an application of its methodologies at the Vatican Museums, one of the most important museums in the world – has decided to use its know-how and experience to create a new business unit designed to promote an innovative approach to museum organizations, starting from the management and conservation of the artistic and architectural heritage.

Software and methodologies collected in MOUSEION, AION and ODEON projects allow foundations, museums, public and religious organizations to reach a structured, efficient and complete process of management, protection and enhancement of the archaeological, architectural and museum goods.


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MOUSEION: The art management philosophy


Gestione Musei - MOUSEIONMOUSEION is a suite composed by many technologies, products and methodologies that form a single multi-function system able to respond extensively to all the operational museums needs.

Mouseion offers to administers, managers and promoters a coordinated, comprehensive and efficient information use, to allow a new vision of the artistic heritage management: from cost analysis to the elaboration of a self-management profit system in order to the maintenance of the museums, to the support instruments for the promotion of the artistic heritage.



AION: Preserving art is a major issue for us

AION - RIlievi-arte-3D

Rilievi laserscan di opere d'arte - AION
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

AION is a collection of the most innovative and sophisticated artistic and architectural heritage survey methods that – combined with the vast experience and know-how acquired by Archimede – allow the production of very accurate data in order to obtain a perfect digital storage, to support engineering designs, restorations and to achieve highly accurate reproductions of artworks, including those at risk because of their fragility or because threaten by atmospheric events.

ODEON: A five-senses trip inside art


Tour multisensoriali 3D -ODEON
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

Immersing oneself in art and in places of historical and artistic interest thanks to advanced technologies.

Creating multi-sensory reality experiences of deep emotional impact and breaking down the geographical distances by reproducing world heritages everywhere.

Made in Italy is, surely, an immense artistic and cultural richness: the ODEON project will allow for easily sharing it.

Any building, fresco, hall, monumental environment and every Italian masterpiece could be reproduced with high fidelity in every international space and context, offering thus infinite learning opportunities.

Specific collaborations with experts, academics and universities will enhance and expand the contributions for every exhibition and assure the public always original and engaging cognitive experiences.

An expository format that allows to experience every detail of artworks in a novel sensorial engagement.

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