Sistema per la gestione dei musei - MOUSEION



The art management philosophy

An innovative project for the integrated of art and museum system management

Sistema per la gestione dei musei - MOUSEION
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Mouseion is a system composed by multiple technologies able to respond extensively to the operational needs of museums, effectively integrating analytical and managerial skills and high-level visual representations.

Used by the Vatican Museums – one of the most important museum in the world – Mouseion propose – as an innovative element – synergistic management of analytical data, graphical information and the use of sophisticated algorithms.

An holistic reading and analysis system and a real-time programming-process allow to use information in a full, direct and clever way.

Furthermore, the ability to relate multiple types of input and to associate the position of spatial events can reach the continuous efficiency of detection dynamics and automatic compensation of contingencies, generating a detailed representative picture of cultural and artistic heritage.


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 An innovative Smart Museum concept for the museums optimization

New methods for the museum system and art management

Gestione Musei - MOUSEION
Mouseion is the convergence point of several related services that enable the acquisition of dynamic data, able to match to the actual exhibition spaces of the structures.

Mouseion will improve the managerial and administrative efficiency of the workforce management business.

Mouseion allows the acquisition of images of artworks and provide to their digitization, cataloging  in order to create a fundamental entity digital assets.

Mouseion facilitates comparison of heterogeneous data and allows effective measurement and comparison criteria.

  • Workforce Management and staff scheduling for vigilance services
  • Ticket and tourist guides Management
  • Movable goods and real estate management and cataloging
  • Visitors analysis and production og the operational, economic and financial indicators
  • Showing tour management or regularizing the impact that visitors could have about rooms and artworks
  • Supra level functional data integration with the introduction of business indicators represented by numeric-graphic level and by planimetric-graphic level
  • Sharing of operational information between different sectors in order to realize an integrated and computerized museum management system
  • Monitoring of trends and economic data over time, related to the quality of offered services to visitors with planimetric graphic representation
  • 2D and 3D Digitizing of real estate in order to support the conservation of mobile works, frescoes and architectural elements, with the possibility of extending management also to the outdoor structures and appliances
  • 2D and 3D surveys through laser scanner technology and structured-light of the buildings, of the artistic and architectural heritage
  • Buildings and rooms monitoring, checking constantly compatibility of the artworks with standard parameters (eg. temperature, humidity and density of visitors, average transit times etc.); Implementing and correlating data from different sources into a single synoptic vector
  • Environmental and structural monitoring, management and installation of new generation sensors (wifi without power cable)
  • Routine monitoring and scheduling; extraordinary maintenance task
  • Multilingual contact center services
  • Creation of portals and virtual tours


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