Tour virtuali multisensoriali - ODEON

ODEON: Sensory Experiences


A five-senses trip inside art

Tour virtuali multisensoriali - ODEON
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

Immersing oneself in art and in places of historical and artistic interest thanks to advanced technologies

Creating multi-sensory reality experiences of deep emotional impact and breaking down the geographical distances by reproducing world heritages everywhere.

The foundation that fosters worldwide the image of Made in Italy is, surely, its immense artistic and cultural richness: the ODEON project will allow for easily sharing it.

Any building, fresco, hall, monumental environment and every Italian masterpiece could be reproduced with high fidelity in every international space and contest, offering thus infinite learning opportunities.

Specific collaborations with experts, academics and universities will enhance and expand the contributions for every exhibition and assure the public always original and engaging cognitive experiences.

An expository format that allows to experience every detail of artworks in a novel sensorial engagement.


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A special event that will take you inside the essence of the art

Tour multisensoriali 3D -ODEON
Foto copyright © Governatorato S.C.V. – Direzione dei Musei – Tutti i diritti riservati

The Sistine Chapel, Raffaello’s, Giotto’s and Leonardo’s frescoes, the Domus Aurea, the works of Tintoretto, the Baths of Caracalla, the Mausoleum of Augustus, the frescoes of Colle Oppio and any other artistic good can be reproduced and displayed life-size , creating an intense, authentic and original sensory experience, that will allow you to understand the true essence of the artistic creation.

The exhibition format made by ODEON combines multiple sensory inputs to create an immersive experience from every point of view: you can view the smallest detail of artworks located hundreds of kilometers away, reproduce with a very high definition museums and architectural wonders inaccessible to the public, show faithful reproductions of artworks and real estate.



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